An idea and a product sought out by a bowhunter to eliminate string slap on recurves. I don't know about you, but as a hunter I just can't stand a noisy bow. Some recurves are louder than others, but all can be silenced with this product and simple technique for installation.

No more adhesive pads, or the gluing of other materials to the limbs that only leave a mess once worn out. Pads and other afixed materials also add weight to the limbs effecting performance and can deter string alignment and tracking. I have also found that these type applications are very short lived. My Bow Hush product is added to the ends of the string instead, along the length of the limb contact. Being that the product is fixed in this location, performance is unaffected.

What is this product?.......wool. Not just any wool, but Wools of New Zealand branded wool. What makes this wool so special? Ask any hi-end wool carpet manufacturer and you will find the same reasons why I have chosen this wool for my Bow Hush.

New Zealand has the best climate for the most durable wool in the world. Suitable for the strenuous abuse of a commercial carpet. The main reason is the "crimp" naturally inherent to New Zealand wool. Tiny crimps or waves in the wool make the fiber very resilient, and give it memory to return to its natural state. This keeps the wool from flattening out in carpet, as well as my Bow Hush. A wool that will return to its natural shape will keep its look and perform better. Also, in preventing noise from string slap, the crimps help "cush" and dampen string contact with the limbs.

Although this product really shines for recurves, it can help dampen noise on some longbows. One application should last for the life of the string.

"The Bow Hush Gang"